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A wonderful collection of Love Poems for wedding speeches, marriage, love and life - something for all occasions . . . enjoy

Love Is by Gary R. Ferris

Love is long suffering,

And endures to the end;

It is not shaken,

By the storms and the wind.
Love will last,

When all else fails;

And it will survive,

When the clouds bring hail.
Love is Kind,

And freely gives;

It gives up fruit,

From the one that lives.
Love is free,

To be given away;

Itís not held back,

For some special day.

Love is charity,

And thinks not of itself;

Freely it gives,

For no reward on a shelf.
Love is humbling,

And has no pride;

It doesnít take bets,

Or choose any side.
Love is truth,

And tells no lie;

It seeks out right,

And revenges no eye.
Love is faith,

And believeth all things;

It has hope in life,

With whatever it brings.

Love is God,

And all of His grace;

He forgives sins,

And puts a smile on your face.
Love is caring,

And envies not;

So if youíre without it,

Donít ever get caught.

Written 8-22-91

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